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VISA in Sacelu, 9-16 July 2012

Hey guys! Macarena on VISA? 🙂

My name is Nadia and I`m from Bulgaria. This summer I had the chance to be
part of a great project thanks to IYAC Bulgaria and Yordan Yordanov. The
“adventure” was called “VISA” and its pilots were two of the best European trainers
– Adina Marina Calafateanu and Marian Ancuta. The main aims of this youth exchange
were promoting European citizenship and the rights and obligations assigned to this

In Sacelu, a little town in Romania, I met people from six countries and spent a
wonderful week discussing on the European identity, workers` mobility, volunteering.
It was really interesting for me to listen and understand the point of vue of 30 young
people, completelly motivated to work on V- values, I-initiatives, S-solidarity and Aactions.
But what impressed most was the creation of the declaration on freedom of
movement and European citizenship, the intercultural evenings and … the chicken. 😉
I miss my friends from Turkey, Spain, Azerbaidjan, Moldova and Romania and
hope to meet again.

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