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Double Impact – meeting local and global

Здравейте приятели,
Предоставяме на вашето внимание информация за един прекрасен тренировъчен курс, фокусиран върху темата за ползите и последващото влияние на международните младежки проекти върху местната общност. Проектът се провежда в момента в близост до Клуж, Румъния и в него участваме чрез трима наши представители, които по-късно ще споделят впечатленията си в нашия блог.

Double Impact – meeting local and global
Go Free – The Association for the Support of Civil Society is holding in Romania the Double Impact – meeting local and global project, which was financed by the Youth in Action programme. A group of 24 youngsters from 8 countries – Poland, Turkey, Cyprus, Italy, Hungary, Bulgaria, Latvia and Romania – are hosted in Savadisla, near Cluj-Napoca, Romania, where they will participate at the training course that lasts a week, until 11th October 2012.

The aim of the project is to answer to the question: „How can we create a local impact through international youth projects?”. It happens often that in international projects, youth of different countries interact with locals as part of experiments and methodology and they also get to know other cultural backgrounds. All this, with the purpose of creating visibility for their own projects. In this way, the Go Free organisation considers that it is important to ask ourselves the following question: when all is said and done, what is the value or the contribution that these international projects bring to the local community?
The Double Impact – meeting local and global gets deeper into this topic by clarifying concepts like: local, local community and impact through nonformal education methods. The training course – which is held by an Italian and a Romanian expert – is addressed to volunteer workers, youth workers, trainers, youth leaders and international project managers of the 8 participating countries. The participants will have the opportunity to experiment how they can bring change through international projects. This is because we firmly believe that the impact of projects is on one hand visibility, and on the other hand, change.

This project was financed with the support of the European Comission. This press release only conveys the views of its author. The Commision cannot be held responsible for the use of the information this release contains.

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