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Beautiful Macedonia

When you hear Macedonia, you are not imagining a unique or super amazing picture. Bulgarians always keep in their mind Macedonia as a part of Bulgaria. So when I first saw I am chosen to go on a project in Macedonia I didn’t even feel so lucky. I thought a lot whether to go or not as I really did not expect anything so impressive. The only thing I was excited about was the opportunity to see the lake Ohrid as I have never been there before no matter how close it is to my home.

Finally after several weeks the day to go came. I still had no super great expectations, I have never met the Bulgarian group before as well.

We had a long way to Struga, very exhausting but not boring as from the very first moment I saw my team I liked them all a lot.

Finally we were there in front of a wonderful hotel with lovely garden and just right on the shore of the lake. I started to be excited about the time we were about to spend on this project.

And yes from the very first night the party began. I met amazing people from 8 different countries. Lifetime friendships developed. People from different cultures and countries again and again discovered how much in common we have no matter where we come from.

I can honestly say that Bulgarian and Azerbaijani teams united as one. On this project for the first time on project we all didn’t only speak English but Russian as well. On this project not only the theme of it was what gathered us together but languages we all spoke and common things in life we have. We had great time together during project activities and during all the free time we also had. This October was good and it was still like summer so we spent a lot of time in the lake together.

We visited amazing places in Struga and Ohrid city. If you haven’t been part of this project you can’t feel what it is all about. When I remember this project the feelings that fulfill my heart and soul are love, happiness and joy, a feeling of a warm and pleasant moments shared with unique and incredible people.

Yes at first I had no expectations, now I can say that on this project I met the greatest project coordinator Ilona. She is an unbelieveable young lady and I really respect and loved her from the very first moment a lot. She was not only there to do a project, she shared with us her experience and life, she was a friend and an older sister. I can definitely say that everything on this project had a fine touch. From accommodation to activities, from people to places we saw. Of course I didn’t expect anything so special there in Struga or Macedonia, but now I can definately say that whatever this is, It made me feel in heaven there. The views, the weather, the people maybe, the spirit and the wind and the sand on the beach no matter how ordinary you think they are, they are heaven.

I have travelled a lot before but such a place I have never been to. It made me fell in love with it. When I remember this project I want to go back there. Believe me, the less you expect the more satisfied you will be, but this is not the reason I love Struga and Ohrid so much. These small cities are like from a fairytale. They are history and a place to experience the life of a completely different person. If you haven’t seen the roses in Ohrid in October, then go see them. If you haven’t tried the figs growing next to an old church on top of the hill in Ohrid, then go taste them. If you ever have a chance to go anywhere never miss it, no matter where it is or what you know about it. It all depends on you what experience you will get there. If when you go with no expectations the place and the spirit can make you fall in love then anything can. No matter what you think you should never judge before you experience something or some place. No matter how small Struga and Ohrid are, no matter you love your big city life never miss a chance to spend a month in Macedonia. There they have the spirit and the things you need to feel paradise in your legs and in your heart.

I have been on many projects but I still can say that in Macedonia I had the greatest project with the greatest people. I felt loved and I felt happy as never before. Many things that I heard and experienced in Struga are about to change my life soon. Go find Ilona and be part of her projects, she is amazing person and she loves her job, that is what made our project so unique.


Автор: Ивана Пейковска, проект Gamestorming в Stuga, Macedonia

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