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We share the same…

578139_509447789111336_1797979783_nYouth spirit, friendly love, boundless dreams, pleasent emotions, numberless funny moments, unforgettable memories and so on..this is what 32 participants of five countries shared during a  great project in Turkey, named ”We share the same literature”. Luckily I was one of them! Now I’m extreamly glad, because I’m able to open up about my impressions and experience related to the project and it’s main activities.

As I said the project took place in the beautiful land of Turkey, the exact location was a lovely and picturesque town called Denizli. I was quite fascinated of its majestic nature and also of its local people –  warm, friendly, open-minded, kind-hearted, amiable… Talking about the nature, I have to say that thanks to our well-prepared and devoted turkish organizers, we, all the other foreign youths, had the chance to visit the popular natural phenomena – Pamukkale! We spent there all day, totaly delighted of the interesting ancient greco-roman city Hierapolis and Pamukkale’s many hot springs, travernites and terraces of carbonate minerals. Truly, I can not express it with words. It was unreal! What I was hearing all day long from the others(and having the same thoughts in my mind!) was: ”Unbelievable”, ”What a fairy place”, ”Is it real!?”, ”This’s precious” and so on.

As noted the project’s main topic was the literatutre. The purpose of which was to break prejudices through the wisdom of art and books. Every day we learned the traditional and most popular turkish, romanian, polish, spanish and bulgarian fairy-tales and legends and then each day we prepared a theatrical scenes based upon the stories, of course, compleatly amateurish, but we did it with great passion, amusement and creativity. Even on our last day we performed in the center of the splendid Denizli, the locals were observing us with great interest and amusment, they were greeting our youth and ”minds full of new and extraordinary ideas”. During the daily activity we learned about charecters such as Dracula, Dragobete, Don Quihote, Layla, Mecnun, King Crak, Dulcinea, Clever Peter, supernatural creatures like samodivas, zmeys, dragons, gods, forest spirits and many others! We understood that no matter they are bulgarian, turkish or polish heroes and fictional characters, they all share the same virtues, vices, ambitions, desires, feelings, worldviews, deeds, morals, happiness and suffering… Through our national literatures we realize that, no matter our obvious differences, we actually share the same humane values.

The best part of this adventure was, of course, the people!! Innovative, active, creative, young boys and girls from Turkey, Romania, Poland, Spain and Bulgaria, some whom, even now, 5 months after the project, I can call good and loving friends. There we had many amazing memories togheter – acting publicly in thetrical scenes, learning traditional dances and songs, exploring each others culture and customs, playing various games…We also created many ideas about our common projects, where we can discuss issues with great importance about our future and life.

Автор: Даника Добрева, 21 години, СУ “Св. Климент Охридски


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