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From the nature to the cuisine

Благодарим на Самуил Спасов за прекрасните думи и споделените емоции от своя опит по младежки проект с IYAC Bulgaria.

From the nature to the cuisine – ecological tastes , Mersin,Turkey 23.03.2013-31.03.2013

17736_3996611212181_1724363903_nHopes for some good time ,many new friends and  something different – those were my expectations when I left for my first project from IYAC . After the project ended and I went home , I realized that I got much more than I expected . After a  week in such a nice place as Kiskalesi , Mersin,Turkey  ,im sure anyone  would say that .
As the name of the project would suggests –we had a lot of contact with nature and typical meals from nations participating including my favourite –the famous Adana Kebap – a spicy, juicy and such a tasty way for getting fat –good that we had so many activities and organic vegetables which kept us in shape .
Visiting farms and plantations ,eating bananas and oranges  from the trees itself , cracking almond’s shells  on the field and of course getting to know more about the good old way of growing products organically was a great personal experience .
And if that sounds a bit boring for some – we did so many other things – visiting historical sights as Silifke stronghold – a castle built a thousand years ago , hiking in the mountain and getting lost, a boat party in the sea ,smoking Water pipe ” Nargile’’ with Turkish coffee , walking around in the beautiful park of Adana city, going to the birthplace of Saint Paul – Tarsus and many other things which showed me how diverse and different Turkey is.
The best thing however were the people of course – Lithuanians ,Italians, Greeks , Turks  and Bulgarians – all of us coming from different places ,living in a different way , but In the same time , having tons of fun together . Made some good friends and got a lot of invitations for visiting countries .
The hotel were we stayed for this week in Kiskalesi, Mersin was right on the beach and about 1 kilometer from the beach – there was a small island with a fortress called Corycus (so many fortresses and ruins around !) – it was an awesome sight to watch when you wake up in the morning .
Cycling boats to the castle , fire on the beach and night swim under a fullmoon, getting some Hammam (Turkish bath), visiting the third biggest mosque in the world , learning typical turkish , italian and greek dances , playing strange  lithuanian games on the sand at night and many other good memories .
I will be short in my conclusion so that you can make one by your own too  –it was my first project, but definitely  NOT my last one ; this one is over now ,but there are many others coming ; you should definitely try this wonderful experience at least ones !!
Thank you IYAC, Turkey and EU for the chance to explore new horizons !

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